Everyday hairstyle

Last month Isa Professional was nice enough to send me a brand new flat iron and I was super excited about it because mine was getting a bit old and is not as versatile as I'd wish it to be.

This one is pretty slim and has rounded edges, which makes it perfect to use to straighten, curl or wave my hair. I've been using it as much as I could in the last month (meaning not as much as I wish I had, but it's the middle of summer and my bathroom gets hot really fast).

I've been loving to wave my hair with this straightener and to make a simple hair twist to take my hair out of my face. Closing it with a pretty hair accessory is always a plus too, this hair clip is from Dollarama.

Writing a hair tutorial without being able to show the steps sound super complicated to me so I'll just link to video tutorials I found on Youtube to create the look. Here and here.

I hope this is giving you a few ideas on hair styling. I'm trying to expand my hairstyles to more than loose or ponytail and this has definitely become my favorite!


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