Friday night haul

I went to the shopping center with some friends last night and I got a few things. I thought I would show it here, so I can get this blog started.

Those two big frames you see: 3$ each at the dollar store. This is a bargain! Well of course they’re probably not THE BEST quality, but as long it can stay on the wall and contain an artwork, I’m okay with that. It doesn’t really show on the picture, but they’re a king of light bronzy shade, which I thought was really interesting.

At the same dollar store, they always have Revlon nail polish, cheaper than what we can find at the drugstore. The shade I got yesterday is Bare Bones. I remember Essie Button talking about this shade, so I thought I’d give this a go, especially since I really like that kind of nude shades.

From the same place, I also got a Bonnebell eyeshadow pencil in a bronzy shade. I don’t know about the lasting power of this, but when I tried it on my hand it was really smooth and the shade was nice.

From an other store I got these surprise bags which I use to buy all the time went I was a kid. They usually are full of crappy jewellery and hair accessories that you end up never wearing. But this time I was surprised, since I got quite a few interesting pieces. To be honest, there is only one pair or earrings I really don’t like, but everything else was quite nice. My friends also got one each, so we ended up trading a few thing, but over all, even if it’s not all things I would have bought on their own, I think I’m going to wear most of the things I got.

In the bags, there were two pairs of feather earrings. So, of course, this is was happens when I try to take pictures…

From the same store, I got a black sleeveless blouse, with a cactus print on it. I just couldn’t resist the cactus print, plus it was on sale at only 5$. There were not a lot of sizes left, so I ended up with a larger size than what I would have normally bought, but I’m sure I can make it work.

I also got these amazingly comfortable printed pants. It’s the print you can see on the right.

I didn't mention it, but since it's on one of the pictures, I also got two types of glue and an antiderapant sheet.

Am I the only one who buys make up in a dollar store? Anyone shopped for glue lately? I'm trying to find an open question here, not much of a success that far.


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