February favorites

Finally February is over, which means spring is closer and I can’t wait! It also means its time for this month favourites!

First of all, I bought a new Maybeline color tattoo in Inked in Pink and it’s a nice color I wore a lot this month.

I also wore this Color Show nailpolish in Glided Rose. This is a really dense sparkly rose gold color. Most of the time, I need lost of coats for that kind of sparkly color to really show, but as I said, this one is really dense and is really sparkly at the first layer.

Look at this amazing octagonal necklace. I bought it before Christmas, on a Friday night I went to target with my boyfriend. As we were heading to the register, we crossed the jewellery department and this necklace just caught my eyes. I just had to buy it. I probably wore it half of the month.

The other half of the moth I was wearing this other necklace, which also comes from target. I remember I saw it, I think, the first time I went to Target, when it opened in October. So when I saw it was 50% off at the end of last month, I just went for it, even if I was telling myself not to buy anything… But that never works, right?

For  about three months my lips been sooo chapped. I tried every lip balm I owned, I bought some others… but nothing seemed so work. Until two weeks ago when I ask the pharmacist what I should do. She showed me two lip balm, one of them being this Polysporin lip health balm. My lisp are still dry and a bit chapped, but nothing compared to what it was two weeks ago. At least it doesn’t hurt anymore, which is a big big improvement.

My next favourite, I can say it’s a combo, I guess. It’s my brow pen, but with this new sharpener. To be honest, this is my first proper sharpener, before I was just using a regular pen sharpener, which as… not perfect. Maybe I’m just lazy, but the fact that this one as a kind of container makes me use it sooo more often! (Sometimes instead of never… ) And filling brow with a sharp pen is so much easier!

These have been my two most worn bracelets of the month. Sadly the brown one broke last week. This is such a versatile one! I really have to repair it soon. The other one is a kind of sparkly one, which is really nice too.

The green things with the zippers there are my new favourite pants. Green, kind of shinny, skinny jeans. They have zippers on the bottom of the legs, which I think is a really nice detail. Only down side, cat hair really stuck to it, si I have to put them on at the last minute before going out.

I bought this comfortable white and yellow shirt the same time as the green jeans. It was only 99 cent, because it had spots on it, but nothing I couldn’t take off. It’s a really oversized shirt and the fabric is really soft and comfortable.

I bought this clenser after Christmas and been using it aver since. Aveeno’s been a staple brand in my skincare ever since I was a kid. Back then it was this only thing that wouldn’t make me have eczema. So I always trust Aveeno, and I  don’t think I was wrong. My skin’s been really nice lately, maybe it’s not only this, but I definitely think it is part of it. I usually use it every morning to cleans my face.

Revlon Photoready BB cream. I think I used it everyday for the last two months. The color match my skin pretty well, it’s easy to apply… over all, I think it’s a good BB cream!

The other two products on the picture (essence metal glam hightliter and Annabelle Marie-Mai Blush) I have enjoyed lately. I didn’t used it that ofter, just because I don’t have much time in the morning. But when I had a little more time, these were the products I was going for. The blush is quite pigmented. The highlighter is a nice champaign color.

My last favourite is, yes, this gorgeous shoe. But not only the shoes itself, but the fact that they fit me! I had such a hard time finding shoes lately! And at the beginning of the month I was shopping with my mom, and I tried theses heels, and the fit, I really was amazed. And I cannot wait for the weather to be warmer to I can wear them out!

I almost forgot to talk about the Bodyshop Boddy Butter! I tried it for the first time in december and... this is the only moisturizer I ever really felt was doing it's job. 24 h after applying it, I can feel my skin is still moisturized. 

What have been your favorites products this month? 


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