May favorites

Long time no see. I could say I've been really busy, which would be true, for the end of April at least. But the truth is may passed so fast and I've been a bit lazy and unproductive on creating content. But I packed a lot of my stuff for the move, so that might count as not lazy and kind of productive, right? But in the end it doesn't change the fact that I haven't updated the blog for quite a long time. 

But I'm definitely back. I shot pictures for six post this last weekend. So these are coming up in the next weeks. And I want to have a couple articles in my pocket for when I will be moving (end of June or beginning of July, we still don't really know yet) because then I will really be busy.

But enough rambling, let's get into this months favorites!

My first favorite is Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Body Envy Instant Clean.... And it ended up not being one after all. I took the pictures for this about a week ago, and it ran out since then. It really was good, I thought I found a really good dry shampoo and I was extremely happy about it. But the thing is: it lasted me about two weeks. Yes, it was cheap, but I'm still expecting it to last at least a month, no? I don't know if it's just my bottle, because even if nothing is coming out of it anymore, I still seams like there is lots of product still in the bottle. I might buy it again just to see if it was just a defect on this one bottle, I'll keep you updated on this...

The second product I've been using a lot this past month is the BodyShop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz. It basically is a very refreshing toner. And I want this on my face at any moment, it just feels so good. It smells of citrus and... I don't have much else to say about it. Just that it feels SO good on my skin.

Yet an other BodyShop product. I just been loving this shop lately. And I wanted a kabuki for the longest time. I use this mainly for blush (as you can see, since it is dirty, again), it makes applying it so easy. With one brush stroke I have the perfect amount of blush on my cheek. 

This is an Almay eyeshadow trio (can't find the name on it) but I remember this specific one being for brown eyes. When I first bought it I really didn't liked it, but I tried it again at the beginning of the month and I used it all month long. I really like the brown color on the middle, it looks nice on the crease. The lightest color I would describe as a pretty champain color, nothing crazy. For the pink color, it really depends on the day, sometimes it works, sometimes is doesn't.

Next, this really pretty coral blush from Revlon in 010 Classy Coral. I think it is just the perfect color for spring. It just caught my eyes at the store and I had to buy it.

L'Oréal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer. This is so good. It really is light infusing. I feel like when I use this primer I don't even need to use highlighter. Even if it's all over my skin, it seems to just highlight in the right places.

I feel like I heard of this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer  everywhere for the last months. Have you? And I just have to agree with everyone, it is good. But I think this shade might be just a little too dark for me to use as a under-eye concealer but it fits my skin perfectly so it is perfect for any redness on my face.

My most recent purchase.  L'Oréal Color Infallible in 012 Endless Chocolate. First of all, if it say chocolate on it, I'm all in! It actually is a really nice dark brown color and I loved using it for the last weeks. 

And that is all. What have been your favorites products this month? Anything you loved ended up being disappointing? Any new finds?


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