Morning Skincare Routine

I've been planning on doing this article for a while, but my skin just started acting crazy so I thought it wasn't the best of time... But it's definitely getting much better now so I thought it was time to share my skincare routine. 

This will be divided in two posts. Morning and night time skincare routine. So without more introduction, let's get right into my morning skincare routine.

So first of all I wash my face with this Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser for acne-prone skin. For me, Aveeno is one of those brands that I just completely trust. I've been using Aveeno products since I was a kid, back then I had quite bad eczema and Aveeno soap was the only one that wasn't making it worst. I really feel like this cleanser moisturize my skin while washing it and it is exactly what I need on morning because I know I won't use as a rich moisturizer as I would use at night time. 

Next, yet another Aveeno product, this Fresh Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller. To be honest, I often forget to use this, but it feels good to apply under the eyes on days I didn't get much sleep, or even most morning really. 

So next I have all those BodyShop products. They had a sale a couple of weeks ago where all skincare products were 50%, and I got a little bit crazy. So either after the cleanser or the eye roller I apply this BodyShop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz, which you might have seen in my May favorites last week. So again, this just feels so good and fresh on the skin. I also use it after my makeup is done just to take away the powdery look.

After the face sprintz, this is serum time with the BodyShop Vitamin E Moisture Serum. This is actually my first bottle of serum ever and, somehow, it just makes my skincare routine so more fun. I don't know why, but this extra step like I really take care of my skin. Does that make any sense?

If I need to, after the serum I will use this BodyShop Aloe Soothing Gel on any redness or breakouts I have. I think it makes a pretty good job at healing them more quickly. I really want to try more aloe based product (from this line or other brands) because I have an aloe based lip treatment that did wonders for my lips, and this is really good too, so I keep my eyes open for anything aloe... maybe even an aloe plant, who knows?

Last step of the skincare, the moisturizer. Right now I'm using the BodyShop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, or sometimes I use an Aveeno face moisturizer. To be honest, I don't like is as much as the other products I've mentioned, but it's a light weight moisturizer, so I think it is good before makeup.

So that is all. This is what I use for skincare in the morning right now. Night time routine will come soon. I might also do a hair care routine sometime in the future if anyone is interested. I'll try to keep on schedule and post every weeks, even if I'm in a really lazy mood these times. Also, really stressed out, with the move and everything (we don't even know how and when exactly we will move yet, this is bad).

Any of you have skincare tips? A now serum I might try next? Any aloe based product?

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