Neutral nails love

I love to wear neutrals, whether it’s in fashion, eye makeup or nail polish. A couple of days ago I took all of my nail polishes out in an effort to find a better way to store them. They initailly were stored by brand, as it was easier because the bottles were all the same shape and it was taking less place. But I realised I was only using the bottles that were in the front and that I forgot about quite a few bottles. Mainly I found I few neutral shades I haven’t worn in a while. Maybe just because it was summer, or it was actually the organization that was lacking, I don’t know.

The point is, I was wearing bare nails for about a week. I didn’t feel the colors. But the downside of not wearing polish is I tend to bite my nails. And now I realised I actually have more options that I thought I had.

So here is some (okay, most) of my neutral nail polish. Putting them side to side, I really realise there are some big difference between them.

From left to right

Revlon – Elegent
Revlon – Bare Bones
Maybeline – Warm Me Up
Covergirl – Toasted Almond
Sally Hansen – Slick Slate
Sally Hansen – Greige garden


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