Winter flush - FOTD

I was going to say "It's been a while since I did a FOTD" but I realize I actually never write any of these. I was about time! [Wait, scratch that. As I'm ready to publish this I see that I actually did a FOTD back in October, so not THAT long ago. Oups.]

I though about it a couple days ago, and I always wear my make up in a similar way. And I think I should try more things. I like trying new products, but if I always wear it the same way, what's the point? I don't know if it is something I would include in my New Year resolutions, but I definitely feel the need to try different looks.

Since it's the middle of winter, I thought I would do a winter inspired look. And what looks more like winter than flushed cheeks?

I decided that Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting blush (in 230) red blush would be the centerpiece of the look, pairing it with a sheer red lipstick (L'oréal Colorriche in 179 cherry tulle), a somewhat mat base (using Tarte smooth operator amazonian clay finishing powder to mattify my face) and a simple eye (with The bodyShop Color Crush eyeshots in 201 Melt my heart & 210 Bronze bliss, a little bit of eyeliner at the base of the lashes and marcara).

I really enjoyed putting the look and this blog post together!

Do you always wear your make up like me and feel like changing it up? What new do you want to try?

See you next week! Until then you can follow me on Instagram(@gedots) and Twitter(@gebblog)!


  1. I love that makeup look, suits you really well! When it comes to winter and it gets all snowy and chilly I like to go quite cool toned pink-y :) x Kat

    1. Thank you. I think one of the only things I really like about winter is that you can change you look around, haha

  2. Pretty! Maybe it's the lighting, but you could probably even be more heavy-handed with the blush and make it a real statement-- that shade looks lovely on you.

    Found you through the Best of Beauty linky, btw. :)


    1. I agree, the color doesn't show on the pictures as much as it was on real life, it really was more obvious. I'll probably need to find a few photography tips for next time!