Recent buys

Recent haul : Yes to tomatoes, Rimmel provocalips & scandaleyes.

It was payday.

I haven't shop anything but groceries for over a month.

I felt the need to buy stuff.

Actually, I didn't spend that much. I got these three products at the drugstore and then bought two shirts in another store.

Yes to Tomatoes clear skin oil control cleanser : I heard a lot about the Yes to… ranges. I tried the Yes to Cucumber face wipes before, it was nice, and smelled good. I think I remember someone talk about the tomato range, but I'm not sure who, when or if it really happened. I won't lie, it was an impulse buy. I haven't made any researches on this, but it was quite cheap (8$CAN) so why not?

Rimmel London Provocalips in play with fire : I heard Amelia Lilianna talk about this a couple of months ago and I knew I had to try it. I searched for it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. All drugstore I went to had a very limited amount of Rimmel products. But that day I had to go to a specific area where I don't usually go. And there was a drugstore, so, of course, I had to go in, and there it was, finally.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes in nude : I hear great things about these. And I didn't own any flesh tone eyeliner. Plus it was in sale. A match made in heaven if you ask for my opinion.

The clothing I bough I don't have any picture of, which make me think that I should really find a way to take fashion-ish photos. I got a black kimono with white flowers pattern and a shirt that didn't fit me and that I will soon exchange for something else.

It really felt therapeutic to get a couple of things for myself.

What do you get yourself when you feel the need to shop?


  1. I LOVE the Provacalips! The lightest shade in this collection isn't the most pigmented, but the others are great. I love how long it lasts on the lips. :-) After you try this're definitely going to want to get more!

    I get myself a new makeup product whenever I want to treat myself. Usually that entails a trip to Ulta, where I spend an hour perusing all the shelves (drugstore and highend) before selecting one or two things that I just can't live without. I'm a BIG window-shopper, so more often than not....if I at least get to test things out in store, I don't HAVE to buy everything. At least, not right then. :-)

    Katie // From My Vanity

    1. You're right! Now that I tried it, I really want to get more. They are so good!